A view from the A29 overlooking the Arun Valley and Amberley village.

I have spent over 30 years using Apple computers and associated equipment. This started as a hobby with Apple][ and Apple//e. I had one of the first Macintosh computers in 1984.

  • For 10 years I managed the sales and support for an authorised Apple dealership in Maidenhead. See previous page.
  • When this business was sold I joined Systems Support of Cambridge where I looked after several corporate sites with our support team from their London office.

I am now retired but still use Macs for Design and Magazine layout, as well as providing support for other users. I have experience using Photoshop, InDesign and Rapidweaver for website such as this one.

Please note I do not get involved with Windows computers preferring to leave this support to friends at Commonsense Computing of Coldwaltham.

From July 2016 I am now only able to offer on line/phone support for Apple kit. However I can direct you to others who can help. Use my ‘Contact me’ page on the left to leave a message.

original-apple-mac small

On the left is a reminder of what the first Apple Macintosh looked like. In my mind it was a classic design. However there was no hard disk, only a 400k floppy drive and 128k RAM. The Mac Plus was an improvement but in my mind the best in this format was the Mac SE/30 which had a hard disk. Mine one had a third party video card that drove an external Apple A4 Portrait Display. If you want to view a catalogue of Apple products, I can recommend Mactracker. This link will take you to the Mac App store from which you can download it. The application gives the history of each item, and other details including the technical specs of each computer, tablet or peripheral.

Before my Apple career, I was a shipbroking member of the Baltic Exchange where I was an active member for 27 years and am now a retired member of this great institution.

I also am a lover of Burmese cats.

Our first was called Litti, and she was 20 when she went to cat heaven. I have some photos but need to find them.

After Litti we had a Burmese kitten called Tiddles, oh dear what a name but that was the childrens choice! She disappeared over a weekend and never returned, so cats were banned by my wife and it was not until I came to Coldwaltham on my own I felt the need for feline company - I found Demi at a rescue small centre at Bisley.

Here is Demi who was six when she came to live with me for 13 years.

P1010020 1 Demi-280226-005-sm

Then I had Bluebell that I homed from the Burmese Cat Club but she was only with me for a month as she suffered from cancer of the colon.

Blubell selfy
A Bluebell selfie

Now I have homed an eleven month old blue called Holly Blue who is totally scared of humans. We are slowly getting there. She eats and poos in the right places and is gradually relaxing in my house. She came to me in May 2016 and now in December is much bolder however more time needed before she is a total lap cat. She now (Dec) follows me around, takes treats off my lap and comes to bounce on my toes at night. Now in March 2017, she actually will stay on my lap and when playing likes to be stroked with the stick of her toy. I hope this will encourage her to let me touch her.

Holly will now let me stroke her, and loves having her coat combed. Its taken a long time to get this far.

Holly Holly (cropped)

The rest of this website has morphed into a collection of my railway photographs. A lot were taken in the late 50's and early 60's. I am gradually ploughing my way through my negative and slide collection. I use a Minolta Dimage Elite 5400 and an application called ViewScan, which I can fully recommend. The author is continually updating VueScan to support more scanners. ViewScan is available for Windows and Macs.

The scanning software is linked to Photoshop where I can resize and tweak the images for placement on the page in RapidWeaver. Now using Rapidweaver 8 (September 2018)


Updated January 2020

Just found this photo of the flag staff we had at the sailing club on Thorpe gravel pit in the 60’s. A combined club of city institutions (Stock Exchange, Baltic Exchange and Lloyds of London)
We later added a crosstree so that we could fly more flags. Stirs memories of many happy days sailing and racing.

Flagpole at Thorpe


Riding my Brompton bicycle at Amberley Museum (4/11/2020)

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